Chelsea Creek to Bunker Hill

Chelsea Creek to Bunker Hill, by Terri DeMitchellChelsea Creek to Bunker Hill: Spring 1775

The spring of 1775 was a confusing time, especially for fourteen-year-old Andrew Beckett. His plan to attend Harvard College to prepare to study medicine with his mentor, Dr. Ammi Cutter, has been shattered by the troop build up in Cambridge, Massachusetts. And, life in his hometown of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, is becoming more dangerous by the day. Colonel John Stark, in charge of the troops from New Hampshire, requests medical supplies from Dr. Cutter. The doctor sends Andrew to deliver them, embroiling him in the battles of Chelsea Creek and Bunker Hill.

2017 London Book Festival Runner-Up Young Adult Category

12th New Hampshire Literary Award Finalist for Outstanding Young Adult Book

2016 Readers’ Favorite International Book Award Honorable Mention Young Adult-General

2016 Eric Hoffer Award Finalist Young Adult Category

NE Book Festival 2015 YA Award!

January 15, 2016–The New England Book Festival has recognized Chelsea Creek to Bunker Hill: Spring 1775 as the 2015 Honorable Mention in the category of Young Adult Fiction! Visit their website to see a complete list of the festival’s award-winning titles.

Editorial Reviews

“Seacoast author Terri DeMitchell continues to bring the story [of the raid at Ft. William and Mary] to life for young readers. Her first juvenile novel, The Portsmouth Alarm, placed three fictional boys in the thick of the battle. DeMitchell, a lawyer and former teacher, has now released the sequel, Chelsea Creek to Bunker Hill.” It captures the confusion, fear, and excitement of the weeks leading up to the confrontation at Boston. . . . DeMitchell reminds us that the majority of Portsmouth residents at the time were either opposed to a risky war with Britain, or sitting on the fence. . . Her three young Portsmouth protagonists, all British citizens at the time, find their lives ripped apart by current events. The boys, like the stolen gunpowder, are carried into the heat of a battle that changed world history.” — J. Dennis Robinson, The Portsmouth Herald

“Fortunately for readers, Terri DeMitchell’s historical fiction hews close to historical fact and the author has a flair for capturing the feel of the troubled times. Her novels are informative, enjoyable and thought provoking.” -Thomas F. Kehr, Esq., Past President and Historian, New Hampshire Society of the Sons of the American Revolution

“Chelsea Creek to Bunker Hill: Spring 1775 is children’s historical fiction at its best…a powerful saga of the legacy of battle and the concerns of those who became mired in the struggle.” -D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review