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YOU WILL COME BACK Teaching Suggestions (PDF)
JIGSAW Teaching Suggestions (PDF)

Common Core Standards ELA-Literacy (History/Social Studies and Writing) Grades 6-8 (PDF)
Common Core Standards ELA-Literacy (Reading Literature and Writing) Grades 5 and 8 (PDF)
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Terri leads a discussion at Barnes and Noble

Dear friends and colleagues,

Before grade level expectations and common core standards are met, before students are asked to identify the causes of an historical event, discern the motivation of characters, glean vocabulary or identify foreshadowing, they have to get a book into their hands that they want to read. And read it.
As a teacher, I know what children need to read, but as a reader, I also know they have to want to. That’s the approach I take in my writing: creating books with strong and interesting characters facing challenges and adventures. Whether in depicting either Rachel and Will at the fictional Olde Locke Beach solving mysteries or Andrew Beckett and his friends in the very real Portsmouth, New Hampshire, of 1774, confronting a momentous event, I write stories that are driven by my characters, not just the circumstances in which they find themselves. It’s an approach I enjoy as a reader, and one I hope is enjoyed by readers of all ages.
I’m pleased you are considering using my books in your class or as home reading for your students. In case it’s helpful, I’ve created the lesson plans posted here to lighten your load in lesson planning or classroom discussion, hopefully in ways that will engage your students. I always appreciate your feedback for additions/changes to my lesson plans. If you have something that has worked in your class and would like to share it, please know that I am very interested in your professional judgment about extending and enriching learning experiences for students.