New Hampshire Dept of Ed

“Encourages [students] to draw their own conclusions and to make connections.”

The Portsmouth Alarm Casts Light on the Revolutionary Flame in New Hampshire

“Terri A. DeMitchell, author of the award-winning Olde Locke Beach Mystery series, based in the New Hampshire Seacoast region, has turned her talents in research and curriculum design to write The Portsmouth Alarm: December 1774, an historical novel for young adults ages 10–16 that explores the origins of the American Revolution in New Hampshire. The Portsmouth Alarm is based on true events of that year when the Portsmouth militia stormed the local fortress intended to guard the city from outside attacks and made off with the King’s gun powder and arms, an act of treason from which there was no turning back. The novel is suitable for both individual reading and classroom use, and introduces students to complex events in an even-handed way that encourages them to draw their own conclusions and to make connections between the episode described in the book and other historical and contemporary events.

– New Hampshire Department of Education – Social Studies Resources

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