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Faking It, An OLB Mystery

Faking It OLS Mystery, Terri DeMitchellNOW AVAILABLE!
Faking It reunites best friends, Will and Rachel, who first appeared in You Will Come Back, winner of the Mayhaven Award for Children’s Fiction. But, in the new OLB Mystery Series, they are older and finding that it is often difficult to tell the good guys from the bad.

2017 Readers’ Favorite International Book Award Finalist Young Adult-Mystery

$9.95 softcover, ISBN 978-1944393304, 165 pages, 5″x8″ ebook, $3.99

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Chelsea Creek to Bunker Hill: Spring 1775

Chelsea Creak to Bunker Hill, by Terri DeMitchell
The spring of 1775 was a confusing time, especially for fourteen-year-old Andrew Beckett. His plan to attend Harvard College to prepare to study medicine with his mentor, Dr. Ammi Cutter, has been shattered by the troop build up in Cambridge, Massachusetts. And, life in his hometown of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, is becoming more dangerous by the day. Colonel John Stark, in charge of the troops from New Hampshire, requests medical supplies from Dr. Cutter. The doctor sends Andrew to deliver them, embroiling him in the battles of Chelsea Creek and Bunker Hill.

2017 London Book Festival Runner-Up Young Adult Category

$12.95, Original Softcover, ISBN 9781939739971, 154 pgs, 6″x8.5″

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The Portsmouth Alarm: December 1774

The Portsmouth Alarm, by Terri DeMitchellNOW AVAILABLE!
“Which side are you on?” becomes the dangerous question of the day for three young friends in colonial New Hampshire as talk of rebellion threatens to turn into violence pitting neighbor against neighbor. Recommended for young adult and middle school readers ages 10 to 16.

$16.95, Original Softcover, ISBN 978-1-932278-92-7, 162 pgs, 6″x8.5″

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You Will Come Back

First in the Olde Locke Beach Mystery series set along the rocky coast of New England. The mystery begins when Rachel and her friend Will discover strange coins while working their summer jobs along the coast.

$14.95, Original Softcover, ISBN 978 193227802-6

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The Second of the Olde Locke Beach Mysteries set on the coast of New England. Rachel and her friend Will are once again embroiled in a mystery.  When their seacoast town is threatened for the second summer in a row by unknown burglars, Rachel and Will try to put together the clues left behind—strange puzzle pieces.

$14.95, Original Softcover, ISBN 978 1932278613

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