Portsmouth Herald review by J. Dennis Robinson

Chelsea Creek to Bunker Hill: Spring 1775

“Seacoast author Terri DeMitchell continues to bring the story [of the raid at Ft. William and Mary] to life for young readers. Her first juvenile novel, The Portsmouth Alarm, placed three fictional boys in the thick of the battle. DeMitchell, a lawyer and former teacher, has now released the sequel, Chelsea Creek to Bunker Hill. It captures the confusion, fear, and excitement of the weeks leading up to the confrontation at Boston. . . . DeMitchell reminds us that the majority of Portsmouth residents at the time were either opposed to a risky war with Britain, or sitting on the fence. . . Her three young Portsmouth protagonists, all British citizens at the time, find their lives ripped apart by current events. The boys, like the stolen gunpowder, are carried into the heat of a battle that changed world history.” — J. Dennis Robinson, The Portsmouth Herald

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